Counting and Place Value Maths Cards

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The FunKey Counting Cards help children develop foundational skills such as number recognition, counting, ordering, finding one more or one less, ten more or ten less. The cards can also be used to embed an understanding of 2-digit place value. Read more…



Our free programmes of fun games and activities can be used at home or school to help children develop a strong sense of number which is the foundation of future success in maths.

The cards and activity programmes are excellent at identifying gaps in children’s knowledge and providing activities which will help build confidence and skills in number.

Product features

  • A set of 55 high quality playing cards for working on early number sense.
  • Suitable for children age 4+
  • Over 30 games and activities to do
  • Free download of activity guides and progress booklet
  • Free online videos show how to play many of the games
  • Can be used in the FunKey Maths Peer Mentoring Programmes (Unit 1 – 4)


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