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times tables

Find out why hundreds of children are using the Funkey Maths cards to learn their times tables

Success for your child!

The unique design of the Funkey Maths cards helps children learn times tables easily! Traditional rote learning ignores the power of visual clues. We use colour, patterns, shape and position on our maths cards to help children remember times table facts. And it works! They really do remember more, faster.

Times tables can be fun!

The Funkey Maths cards come with full instructions: advice on how to start learning times tables, and ideas of fun maths games for primary school kids. Kids love playing with the Funkey Maths cards and they love the games. The whole family can join in. Helping your child succeed in maths really can be sociable and fun!

Build for the future!

The Funkey Maths cards help children make richer connections between numbers, so they can master multiplication and division facts at the same time. This deepens mathematical understanding and develops the skills and confidence needed for future success in maths.

What comes with the Funkey Maths pack

A set of 59 beautiful cards

Easy-to-read instructions!

Instructions include:

Our instructions are simple and clear. They explain how the times tables cards work and all the maths games you can play with them. They also explain some tricky maths words like factor, product, square and prime. You'll soon be a whizz!


Totally free extras

FunKey Maths feedback

A versatile and multi-faceted resource to encourage children to learn and apply their times tables.

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Alison Hopper


Assistant Director, Primary

This game is really, really cool!

testimonial bubble

Ewa F, age 8


I just wish these cards had been around when I was young. They’d have really helped me.

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Poppy Stokes (28)

"I never managed to learn my tables"

When my daughter started using the cards, her progress accelerated sharply! It was really noticeable.

Carla Boyles, mum

Mother of 9 year old

These aren’t just flashcards. There is so much more to them, so many layers.

speach bubble

Liz Dickson


St Peter's Dock Primary, London

The kids are amazed when I show them all the different ways the numbers are related.

Tracey Denny, SENCO

Hereford Cathedral Junior School

I’m getting good at my tables now. The colours really help me.

Evie G, age 9


Join hundreds of children already learning with Funkey Maths!

Cool new Funkey Maths cards on the way


There are loads of fun maths games you can play with these cards for children who need to practise counting, ordering and place value up to 100.


The games you can play with these maths cards soon get children adding and subtracting fractions and working out equivalents.

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