Inspire young learners with FunKey Maths Cards

Child with doubling maths cards

Inspire young learners with FunKey Maths Cards

Maths cards for use in primary schools and at home

FunKey Maths cards scattered
Innovative design supports learning maths
Creates solid mathematical foundations
Play-based learning builds confidence
Programmes of maths activities for home and school
Maths cards keep children focussed and engaged
Designed for children aged 4 - 11 years

Innovative designs support learning maths at home and in school

  • Attractive designs draw children in
  • Colour, shape and position carry meaning
  • Designs help children visualise maths
Child at home with times tables cards
FunKey Maths cards scattered

Secure mathematical foundations with maths games & activities 


  • Programmes of maths activities to create solid foundations
  • Identify and fill gaps in children’s mathematics knowledge
  • Reluctant learners re-engage with play-based learning
  • Maths Card Games build in repeated practice for skill development

Play-based activities create positive attitudes towards maths 

  • Playing with others is motivating
  • Maths card games help develop language skills
  • Playing fun maths games can break down maths anxiety
FunKey Maths cards scattered
FunKey Maths cards scattered

Maths Games & Activities for home and school

  • Step-by-step maths activity programmes
  • Easy to set up and fun to play maths gamae
  • Free online maths activity notes and videos
  • Suitable for maths peer mentoring programmes
  • Great for playing with children at home

Children stay focussed

  • Children focus because they are playing
  • Design features excite children’s curiosity
  • Great for everyone, particularly visual and kinaesthetic learners
FunKey Maths cards scattered
Toy shop

Designed for children
from 4+ (key stage 1 & 2 maths activities)  

Maths cards and activities cover a broad range of foundational skills in number including:

  • Counting and subitising
  • Reading and ordering numbers
  • Simple addition and subtraction
  • Partitioning up to 100
  • Doubling and halving
  • Times tables
  • Fractions
Classroom board

FunKey Maths Cards in School

  • Supports a maths mastery approach, not just rote recall of facts
  • Engaging and loved by children, even reluctant learners
  • Highly interactive; hugely helpful to visual and kinaesthetic learners
  • Can be used whole class, in small groups or 1:1
  • Each deck covers specific learning objectives and is supported by free online teaching resources including worksheets, videos and activity booklets
  • Designed by busy teachers, for busy teachers
Young boy with cards at home

FunKey Maths Cards in the Home

  • Build maths confidence and skills through repeated play
  • Innovative designs support understanding and retention of key facts
  • Suitable for solitary play, or playing with a parent, sibling or friend
  • Each maths card deck targets specific learning objectives to complement classroom teaching in the home
  • Free maths activity programmes and games to use alongside the cards
  • Over 50 maths games and activity ideas
Older children mentoring younger children

FunKey Maths Peer Mentoring

  • Innovative programme where older students mentor younger ones
  • Significantly improves maths outcomes – see our external impact study
  • Builds self-esteem and confidence in mentor and mentee
  • Challenges fixed-mindsets in mentors
  • Flexible delivery programme
  • Maths Peer Mentoring Programmes to support learners in KS1 and KS2
  • High impact, low cost intervention tool for closing attainment gaps