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Do the Maths!

Do the Maths! Helping children to learn number skills and develop a love of numbers.   Even before your child goes to school, most of us have done what we can to get hold of books. We buy them or borrow them. We all know that reading with your child is essential....

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Struggle. Persist. Progress

It is a universal human trait to want to give up when things get hard. Not surprisingly, there are plenty of mantras written to inspire us through these times. Mantra 1: When the going gets tough, the tough get going. This one is well-meaning, but actually not very...

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Peer Mentoring and The Three Es

The FunKey Maths Peer Mentoring Programme is an intervention which pairs trained Year 5 children with Year 2s who are below age related expectations in maths. The Year 5s work with the Year 2s through a structured programme of maths activities, which develops both...

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Never Rush a Child!

When I was the mother of two small girls I heard a grannie on the radio. She had a compelling tone - wise and warm mother-earth - so I listened intently. I remember her stark warning: “Never rush a child.” She talked about the importance of going at the pace of the...

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