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Times Tables

The unique design of the Funkey Maths cards helps children learn times tables easily! Traditional rote learning ignores the power of visual clues. We use colour, patterns, shape and position on our maths cards to help children remember times table facts. And it works! They really do remember more, faster.

Build for the future

Our innovative approach reduces the burden of learning times tables. Instead of learning 132 unique multiplication facts, there are just 53 products to learn! The Funkey Maths cards also help children make richer connections between numbers; master multiplication and division facts simultaneously; and make links between factor pairs. Plus, they help embed the meaning of prime, square, factor, multiple and product.

Designed for teachers

The Funkey Maths cards are designed by teachers for teachers. We have developed approaches to using the cards which work with the whole class, small groups or individual interventions. We can offer ideas and support materials to help you embed a new, improved approach to multiplicative reasoning in your school.

What comes with the pack

A set of 59 beautiful cards

Teaching resources and ideas

Support for teachers

We are keen to work with schools to help embed a mastery approach to learning times tables. We have developed resources to help teachers working in a whole class setting or in intervention groups. We are also happy to offer in-school training.


Fun stuff to download!

Peer mentoring

FunKey Maths has an innovative and effective peer mentoring programme for schools which develops number sense in KS1 children and a range of hugely important soft skills in KS2 mentors. The intervention is fun, effective and affordable. Mentors and mentees love it, as do schools who are looking to improve their maths results.

Affordable 1:1 support

We have developed our peer mentoring programme by working closely with schools for five years. The programme offers the 1:1 “intelligent practice” so needed by many children to embed number skills. With current budget constraints few schools can offer 1:1 adult support. Young children gain hugely by working with an older child. They improve their maths skills but also the positive 1:1 attention helps their self-esteem and confidence to soar.

Great for mentors too!

The Funkey Maths peer mentoring programme harnesses the skills and enthusiasm of children from Year 5 and 6. Our training helps them improve their communication, organizational and leadership skills. We develop their own metacognition, which is widely recognized as one of the key drivers of academic success. The programme produces more confident students with a strong sense of service.

FunKey Maths feedback

A versatile and multi-faceted resource to encourage children to learn and apply their times tables.

testimonial bubble

Alison Hopper


Assistant Director, Primary

This game is really, really cool!

testimonial bubble

Ewa F, age 8


I just wish these cards had been around when I was young. They’d have really helped me.

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Poppy Stokes (28)

"I never managed to learn my tables"

When my daughter started using the cards, her progress accelerated sharply! It was really noticeable.

Carla Boyles, mum

Mother of 9 year old

These aren’t just flashcards. There is so much more to them, so many layers.

speach bubble

Liz Dickson


St Peter's Dock Primary, London

The kids are amazed when I show them all the different ways the numbers are related.

Tracey Denny, SENCO

Hereford Cathedral Junior School

I’m getting good at my tables now. The colours really help me.

Evie G, age 9


Join hundreds of children already learning with Funkey Maths!

Get in touch!

Our successful peer mentoring programme is expanding. We are looking to work with clusters of schools in all areas of the UK. Some charitable funding is available to subsidise the programme for qualifying schools. Please get in touch to find out more.

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