Counting 100 – 0

Videos for Counting in 1s from 100 – 0

Video 1. Now You See It, Now You Don’t

Counting back in 10s with cards

Video 2. That’s Out of Order!

Ordering multiples of 10

Video 3. Before and After

Practicing 10 less and 1 less

Video 4. Card Count from 50

Counting back from 50 with cards

Video 5. Mad Marching

Action packed counting back from 50

Video 6. Card Count from 100

Counting back from 100 with cards

Video 7. More Mad Marching

Counting back from 100 (same film as video 5)

Video 8. Pink Slap Bingo

Spotting 1 less than a multiple of 10

Video 9. Pairs

Another game to practice saying 1 less

Video 10. Hide and Seek

The final countdown!

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