Fractions Maths Cards

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These fraction cards are a great way to help children develop confidence around fractions. Our suggested activities will help children toward a better understanding of a fraction being a part of a whole, how to read fractions, identify numerator and denominator, order fractions of different sizes, spot equivalent fractions and add fractions. Children will also learn about whole number fractions and improper fractions. Read more…



Powerful design features use colour and visual representations of fractions to embed meaning and to aid recall. . The cards are perfect for children aged 7+ and work well at home and in school, in whole class or intervention settings. Our free programme of activities and support resources can be downloaded from our library area and will develop children’s confidence and mathematical thinking. Our huge range of free, printable resources and videos can be used with the cards to develop children’s mathematical reasoning skills and their ability to articulate mathematical ideas.

Product features

  • A set of 57 high quality colour coded fractions cards with storage box
  • Includes a range of fractions up to twelfths and including whole number fractions and improper fractions
  • Suitable from age 7+
  • A free, ten step activity programme can be downloaded to build basic skills slowly and surely
  • Easy to set up games to play for pairs and small groups, suitable for home and classroom
  • Ready-to-use printable worksheets to develop confidence and skills


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