Class set (16 packs) of Times Tables Cards

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A multi-faceted resource which helps children develop conceptual understanding of multiplication and division and fluency in times table recall up to 12 x 12 through fun games and activities. Read more…



Grab yourself a bargain! For SEPTEMBER only, we are offering a class set of Times Tables Cards (16 packs) for just £99. And if that wasn’t enough, you will also get 16 FREE Times Table Cardholders too!

Powerful design features use colour, shape and position to embed meaning and to aid recall of facts. Children who have struggled with traditional approaches to times tables such as chanting are re-energised by these cards.

Cards can be used from Year 1 upwards to build a wide range of number skills, not just times tables. The cards work well in whole class, small group or in 1:1 settings.

Our huge range of free, printable resources can be used with the cards to develop children’s mathematical reasoning skills and their ability to articulate mathematical ideas.

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Product features

  • Card decks contain a set of 59 high quality colour coded times tables cards with storage box
  • Covers multiplication and division facts up to 12 x 12
  • Suitable from age 5+
  • Can also be used for developing early number sense
  • Twelve different games to play
  • Mathematical investigations to do
  • Ready-to-use printable worksheets to develop maths vocabulary and reasoning skills


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